Sensus – Experimental mechanics Ltd. is a company for consulting, technical testing and analysis. Our core business is the measurement of mechanical quantities on real objects with the aim to verify the calculation / engineering model or to determine the existing problem on the mechanical system, as well as to determine the real loads and the real dynamic behavior (excitation and responses) of mechanical systems.

A calculation / engineering model could be confirmed or challenged through verification, and input data is created for design and construction. Based on analyzed measurement results, engineering model or object could be optimized.

Knowing the real state of mechanical system in service based on measurement or long term monitoring is very important for dynamically loaded structures in order that they may be optimized and to endure complete life cycle with no failure regarding safety, stability and fatigue.

In the field of measurements, we deals with experimental stress analysis using strain gauges and analysis of the dynamic behavior of the mechanical systems by measuring acceleration, displacement, force, torque... as well as load application and measurement systems development.

We also deal with consulting, engineering and risk management in the field of dynamically (cyclic) loaded structures (fatigue strength) and mechanical system dynamics, either in relation to new product development or solving the problem in existed mechanical systems.

We approach each project systematically and employ the algorithm developed in our company, based on the highest level of current state of the art technology and actual standards. Besides that, product development and engineering supported by experimental mechanics is the guarantee of a safe and reliable product.

Our  consulting, engineering services, measurements and tests are available to assist with all your development, problem solving or user needs.

Our clients are manufacturers of mechanical systems - vehicles, vessels, aircrafts, machines, pipelines... (system integrators), users or operators. We are an ideal partner that supports engineering with experimental mechanics since companies don’t have continuous need for this field of engineering, while investments in human resources and equipment are very high. However, when and where necessary, we can operate very well and swiftly.

Our advantage is our know-how, gained by measurement on real objects, and by analysis and synthesis of advanced mechanical systems based on measurements. We guarantee the quality of our services by using state of the art equipment and years of experience.

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