Our testing and measurements, consulting and engineering services, i.e. engineering aided by experimental mechanics, find their application in the following industries and services: 

  • Iterative engineering measurement

    • Verification of engineering models forstrength analysis and mechanical system dynamics

    • Determination of real loads and stress states of structures

    • Determination of the real dynamic behavior of mechanical systems

  • Verification tests

    • Engineering model or object verification

  • Consulting

  • Engineering

Below we list industries and services where experimental mechanics aided engineering is applied:

Automotive - Road / off-road vehicles and transportation systems

Railway vehicles

Power plants - Wind turbines


Offshore structures

Oil wells / platforms

Construction and agricultural machinery - Soil treatment

Machines and Robots

General engineering


Railway and tram operators

  • Vehicle monitoring
    • Monitoring the state of a vehicle to ensure reliability, availability, maintainability and safety; and to optimize maintenance costs

Pipeline operators

  • Stress monitoring for the damage possibility detection due to ground displacement uses cookies for better user experience. You can control and configure cookie settings in your web browser. By continuing to use the website you are agreeing to our use of cookies. You can read more about cookies here.

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