Our Mission

Profits margins are being squeezed and technical responsibilities for the product are increased after saleas competition intensifies in all segments of the industry. This is the reason why manufacturers have turned product development into a finely-tuned process, building on precise and advanced measurements and tests. In other words, engineering is strongly supported by experimental mechanics. Therefore, a real need for our services exists on the market.


Our company specializes in experimental mechanics. Our core activity is measurement of mechanical quantities on real objects in laboratory and in-service conditions. The purpose of these measurements is the verification of the calculation / engineering model and determining real loads, as well as real excitation and response of a mechanical system in service. Knowledge of the in-service system state, based on measurements and long term monitoring, is very important for dynamically loaded structures, in order that they may be optimized and endure a lifetime with no failures in terms of stability and fatigue strength. Also, based on the processed acquired data, input data for design and construction, as well as for reverse engineering, is created or the solution to a problem is delivered by means of detailed analysis and synthesis.


The problems for which numerical procedures do not provide reliable answers can be solved by experimental methods. Experimental mechanics, besides its use in developing new products, is applied to solve problems that have arisen in existing products. Nowadays, engineering supported by experimental mechanics is the state of the art* in mechanical engineering.

*The term "state of the art" refers to the highest level of general development, as of a device, technique, or scientific field achieved at a particular time. It also refers to the level of development (as of a device, procedure, process, technique, or science) reached at any particular time as a result of the common methodologies employed.

Implementation of experimental mechanics in design and construction, i.e. in reverse engineering, enables manufacturers to optimize a product under full control, and to manage risks by means of risk management.


The service of technical testing and analysis includes the creation of a control model with the purpose of determining expected values that will be measured, design of experiments, preparation and carrying out of the measurements on a real object, processing and analysis of the acquired data (measurement results), i.e. generation of input data for design and construction. Experiments, calculations and data analysis, that is, post-processing, are carried out according to the methods developed in our company, or in accordance with the standard, and are carried out iteratively until the goal is achieved – a safe and reliable product.

Based on the measurement results, the calculation / engineering model can be confirmed (or challenged), and therefore provide valid results. A model is loaded with real loads; real excitations and responses of the mechanical system in reality are known, and the system could be adjusted with the aim of optimization.


We also provide consulting and engineering services, as well as risk management in the field of dynamically loaded structures in the development of new products, i.e. when solving problems in existing mechanical systems.

Another service we offer is consulting and engineering services in the field of mechanical system dynamics, loads and fatigue strength. We are an independent provider of consulting services based on analysis, synthesis and measurement. We help our clients with the identification, evaluation and management of technical risks, as well as in problem solving by implementing experimental methods in planning, design and construction in the development of new products i.e. in redesign and reconstruction when solving problems in existing mechanical system.


We approach each project systematically and carry it out according the algorithm developed in our company, based on the state of the art technology and actual standards. Engineering supported by experimental mechanics is a guarantee for quality, reliability, and safety of a product, i.e. of problem solution.

Our advantage is the knowledge gained by measurements on real objects, as well as analysis and synthesis of mechanical systems based on the measurements and care for clients which is at a high level. We guarantee the quality of our service and approach each project systematically using the most modern equipment and years of experience.


We have successfully worked on a number of projects in the field of loads and fatigue strength of dynamically loaded structures, vehicle dynamics, design and optimization of vehicles, measurements and tests, data processing and analysis, whereby we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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